FrontPage Extensions are a number of system files and folders needed by sites created with Microsoft FrontPage to function effectively. Without them, you could still use the app to build websites and upload your content on the web server, yet the websites will have restricted features, thus the user experience will not be the same. One more advantage of using a website hosting service with FrontPage Extensions available is the fact that you can publish your webpages directly on the server without using any third-party software as long as you enter your account FTP information in FrontPage. This characteristic will make it quite simple to start and keep your web presence even if you don't have any previous knowledge, since you're able to update your website in the future just as fast.
FrontPage Extensions in Shared Hosting
We support FrontPage Extensions with each and every shared hosting plan that we offer and unlike the vast majority of hosting service providers these days, we do not plan to discontinue this particularfeature, so it'll be up to you whether you'll build and maintain your worldwide web presence by using FrontPage or another website design software. In fact, in case you're moving an existing website to our servers, chances are that you have spent time, money and efforts and we wouldn't want all that to go in vain. You are able to activate FrontPage Extensions individually for each and every domain or subdomain from the Hepsia Control Panel, therefore it won't be a problem to have the main site made with FrontPage and work with a script application in a subdomain for a community forum, for example - they will not interfere in the slightest. In case you decide that you would like to switch to some other platform, you can deactivate FrontPage Extensions with only a few clicks.
FrontPage Extensions in Semi-dedicated Servers
If you have a semi-dedicated server package through us, you are able to use FrontPage to create your website, due to the fact that FrontPage Extensions are set up on the cloud platform where your web hosting account will be created. Activating and disabling the feature is done with several clicks and per domain or subdomain from the Hepsia Control Panel that you'll get to control the account, which means that you can easily have a FrontPage main website and a blog or a community forum script inside a subdomain without any problems. Our system will include all system files needed for such a website automatically in the selected folder. A lot of website hosting service providers nowadays stop the support for FrontPage Extensions, however we prefer to leave this option to you, instead of forcing you to switch the website design app that you use and throw away all of the money and efforts that you've invested through the years in order to create and maintain your site.